Vicki Van Vynckt - Certified Iridologist

  • What iris type you have and your genetic tendencies relating to health
  • Constitutional strength or sensitivity
  • What organ is in need of greatest repair and rebuilding
  • Relative amounts of toxic settlements in organs, glands, and tissues
  • Under activity or sluggishness of the bowel
  • Tophi markings in the Lymphatic system
  • Need for rest to build immunity
  • Condition of the nervous system
  • Poor assimilation of nutrients
  • Results of physical or mental fatigue on the body
  • Genetic tendency for diabetes or cardiovascular problems
  • Acidity of the body
  • Where inflammation is located in the body
  • Potential contributions to senility
  • Adrenal problems
  • Dropping of the transverse colon
  • The overall health level of the body as a unified source
  • Circulatory problems in the body
  • And much more........

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